EZCrewTax.com FAQs

EZCrewTax use SSL and 256 bit encryption when we transfer any information. Furthermore, our tax preparers use extra caution with any data that must be provided during the normal process of preparing income tax returns. All sensitive information is stored in a secure location or encrypted in a secure database.

Yes. The per diem calculator used by EZCrewTax is a free service that is included on every pilot or flight attendant's tax return. There is no need to use another per diem calculator if you use EZCrewTax to prepare your income taxes.

EZCrewTax posts its prices online so you can easily anticipate and understand how much your tax return will cost. You can find our prices here.

An extension is for 6 months from the original due date. Because taxes are generally due April 15th of each year, an extension allows you to delay filing until October 15th. But the thing to consider is whether you will owe money or not. If you file an extension and end up owing money to the IRS, you will have interest added to the tax due.

Getting started is easy. Just download the organizer, fill it in, and send it to us at:

1001 1st Ave. E, Ste. 120
Cambridge, MN 55008

You can also call us anytime at (763)-954-1020.

You can amend a tax return up to 3 years from the original due date. Assume the tax year you wish to file an amended return for is 2050 and the tax rules have not changed. Because 2050 taxes would be due on April 15th, 2051, you would count three years back to get April 15th, 2048. This means you could amend the 2047 taxes.

This is a pdf document that you will be able to fill out online for the purpose of insuring that we gather all required tax information from you. It captures a vast amount of information from you to speed up your tax preparation.

Itemizing refers to the IRS method tracking and calculating eligible itemized tax deductions as opposed to taking the standard deduction. In the past, generally, if you had a mortgage, you were probably going to benefit from itemizing. Because of changes to the tax code under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, more people than ever will benefit from using the standard deduction. Because unreimbursed employment expenses, including flight crew tax deductions, were suspended under the TCJA, these deduction won’t benefit those that are itemizing on their federal return, but may still have a significant benefit on some state returns. Be sure to include these expenses with your organizer if you are subject to state income tax.

If you do not itemize, EZCrewTax can still help you. You can be assured that we do thoroughly check to see if you entitled to any other deductions or credits. Our fees for tax clients who do not itemize are lower and rival any low-cost tax preparation service. For that reason, we recommend you give us a chance so that you can at least be certain that your tax return is properly being checked to see that you’re getting every deduction that you are entitled to.

Each situation is unique and amounts vary. While there is no way to estimate the amount you will save until your taxes are prepared, we do guarantee that we work to find every legitimate flight crew tax deduction that you are entitled to.

You should have receipts for all tax deductions you wish to write-off except:

  • travel expenses less than $75
  • M&IE expenses
  • In addition to receipts, you should also substantiate your write-offs according to IRS record-keeping requirements.

Also, please do not mail receipts to EZCrewTax. Keep them for your records, and include the information on the tax organizer.

EZCrewTax has a CPA on staff and hires only professional tax preparers, known as "Registered Tax Return Preparers". EZCrewTax tax preparers must pass a test to show competency in tax preparation rules. This certification, along with the extra training they receive specific to aviation tax issues, guarantees that your tax return is professionally preparered.