Why we created EZCrewTax.com

In 2006, Mark Olson and Adam Bram had an idea. But first a little history.

Mark had been preparing flight crew tax returns since 2000. His small tax business was doing well enough for him as a side job. Yet, it wasn't large. Mark didn't want it to be large. He wanted to make sure that the people he prepared returns for got the best service he could give. And because he was just one person, he sacrificed growth to preserve quality.

In 2005, Adam had been working as a pilot but also began getting involved in web programming. Mark and Adam were hired together at the same airline, and were good friends. They began discussing an idea that might modernize flight crew tax preparation. Before these discussions, few people were aware of the per diem deduction. Those that were had to find someone who could calculate it. Needless to say, it was an involved process.

Adam and Mark worked to create EZPerDiem.com. EZPerDiem became the first automated per diem calculation website for pilots and flight attendants.

But something was missing.

EZPerDiem solved a big problem for many flight crew members. It gave them a way to calculate the flight crew member part of their tax return. The report from EZPerDiem could either be: 1) inserted into TurboTax, or 2) sent to a tax preparer. But there were still many crew members who wanted the same level of service that Mark provided in the past. That is where EZCrewTax was born.

EZCrewTax is a complete tax preparation service for pilots and flight attendants. It fills the gap for the flight crew members who just want their entire return prepared. EZCrewTax is complete, simple and affordable. It has a complete staff of tax preparers and a CPA to help with just about any tax scenario.

EZPerDiem is for crew members who use TurboTax or their own accountant. EZCrewTax is for crew members who want the entire return prepared. There is just no reason that you should miss out on lucrative flight crew tax deductions. EZPerDiem and EZCrewTax are here to help you, every tax season!

Our mission is to simplify flight crew taxes and to make them affordable. Why? Because you deserve the biggest tax benefit and best service possible.